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Who Owns User Generated Content?


Craigslist is threatening Krrb, the hyper-local/mega-global classifieds, with legal action. Craigslist claims its users do not have the right to copy their own information from Craigslist using tools such as the Krrb It button. In doing so, the user may be subject to up to a $25,000 fine.

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  • veelondono

    User content belongs to the user. Public service sites like Craigslist shouldn't get to label themselves as such and then pull the rug out from underneath us. It's either a public service site or one for profit. Can't have it both ways.

  • Awags

    While this is a serious issue for us at Krrb it brings up a much bigger question - who owns user generated content? We've seen similar situations recently with Instagram but the difference, in my mind, would seem to be that CL doesn't seem to terribly keen on making it clear to users that that "missed connection" you just posted is now their property. I think there is a long way for this discussion to go before a satisfactory answer is reached but would love to hear where anyone else stands on this topic. What does Good think?