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Why the Millennial Generation Needs to Redefine Sustainability

Prashanth Ramakrishna

Achieving sustainability as a state of existence should be our number-one global priority. In fact, unsustainability is a product of what the world perceives to be the most pressing issues of our time. Due to its multidimensional nature, it is imperative that we redefine sustainability to include every member of the Millennial Generation.

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  • Prashanth RamakrishnaPrashanth Ramakrishna

    Agreed. I think the sustainability conversation is being overlooked, which is unfortunate because this discussion is perhaps more necessary than those that overshadow it. It's definitely in the hands of the Millennials now. We have to embrace this soon -- or at least come to the realization that our future is a function of our decisions.

  • Bradley UrsoBradley Urso

    Great Point Prashanth. People are stronger when we work together.