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    Carolyn Chiao s.skarthik10

Why the Spiritual Path is More than Just a Consolation Prize


When I was in my mid-30s and my life was falling apart, I went on a rant about the path to enlightenment being for suckers. People who lose out in life. Those who get their way-- they're just... happy.

But then life started to improve. The spiritual work began to pay off... Find out how and why in my latest article for MindBodyGreen.

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  • MeiMeiFoxMeiMeiFox

    Hi Carolyn, thanks so much for reading and replying. I love your way of thinking about community. That's a beautiful way to be in the world.

  • Carolyn ChiaoCarolyn Chiao

    I've always considered myself very spiritual, even though I don't follow one particular path. For me personally, I think it makes me more self-aware of my actions and subsequently I have more compassion when I think about my community. It serves as a reminder that even if I sometimes may feel isolated (especially in this technological age!), I am still connected to everyone and everything. I have to take responsibility for what I will inevitably share with the world, and I am learning to be more positive and engaging as time goes on.