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Will Pre-Fab Homes Ever Take-Off?

Kevin Van Lierop

Pre-fab homes can offer the homeless a place to get back on their feet, and can be constructed in a day, but will these ever become a regular fixture in urban communities?

With similarities of the Levitttowns from mid-last century there are a number of lessons to keep in mind if we're to attempt such a thing

While there is always talk and article after article about pre-fab homes of different types (container homes, home-in-a-box) I wonder when, if ever, these will be used on large scales.

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  • Arifah Rahaman-AronsonArifah Rahaman-Aronson

    I love pre-fab homes. Here in the US they have not taken off. I think it's because of the style...it's not appealing to many markets. We do have an excess of abandoned homes so there's something to look into with that, and salvage homes/materials already spent. I can see the benefit to a city like London. It's heartwarming to see the investors willing to take 5% return. I hope this works.