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With 'Devious Maids,' Hollywood Sticks to the Same Problematic Latina Stereotypes

Liz Dwyer

Want a show about professional Latina women? Sadly, Lifetime's new series, "Devious Maids," which portrays five Latina maids working for wealthy employers in Bel Air, is not it. Executive producer Eva Longoria claims the Latina maid story is important to tell, but author Alisa Valdes says that "according to academic research on Latino roles in mainstream U.S. film and TV, the maid is pretty much the only Latina story being told, other than seductress, whore, dying immigrant and gang member."

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  • Annie KuoAnnie Kuo

    I saw the preview for this show last week and I thought the EXACT same thing!! Great post that shows the awful Hollywood "trend" of stereotype-casting women of different ethnicities.