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Jeff Wheeler

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.


  • Jeff Wheeler replied to a comment by kara king

    Tell the EPA to Keep Pollution in Check and Protect our Beaches




    kara king10 months ago

    My mother works for the EPA and they work very hard day in and day out to keep our nation clean. I really hope that while this "Tell EPA to keep our Beaches Clean" You might want to also tell the tons of people that come to the beaches and leave Cluter on the sand to PICK IT UP and take it with them and put it in the trash cans or recycle bins. - Just a thought

    Jeff Wheeler10 months ago

    Well said, Kara.
    Training ourselves to be responsible beats paying a government Agency to clean up after us makes really good sense.
    Whine the current Los Angeles "Clean Beaches" initiative holds some merit. It has some serious flaws. Capture and recharge of stormwater is one aspect that we should be willing to help fund; but upstream "Pretreatment" (capture of pollutants and valuable water) is a responsibility that each of us can help.

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