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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.


  • alainb1 replied to a comment by Corinne Mockler

    Redesigning 'Service': Why I Started a Design Group That Gives Away Half Its Work for Free via



    Corinne Mocklerabout 1 year ago

    First, I want to start by saying verynice is a great concept and your intentions are obviously coming from the right place! As a graphic designer who does both for-pay jobs and pro-bono, I agree with and applaud you.

    The thing is....I also work for an environmentally-based non-profit, and one of the many volunteer opportunities we invite people to participate in is, specifically - cleaning up a beach (one of our preserves, in fact). You mentioned this simple form of volunteering *twice* in your article, and in a very flippant tone that suggested it was nowhere near as important or personally rewarding as what you were doing. While I agree with you that people should offer up their professional skills for the good of others, I do not agree with discounting the admittedly simple, but no less important, act of volunteering to clean up a beach.

    I just think your message could have much stronger without disparaging a different, but no less impactful, form of giving back.

    alainb1about 1 year ago

    I couldn't agree more. The statement that "designers are actively looking for an opportunity to use their talents to give back, learn something new, and grow as a maker. Cleaning up a beach doesn’t provide that kind of experience" completely misses the point of service, fails to honor those who do and feels more like someone engaged in a stealth marketing campaign. It's called Pink Washing.

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