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Amber Richardson

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.

Mississauga, Ontario


  • Amber Richardson replied to a comment by Deal_with_it

    Video: What if Gender Roles in Advertising Were Reversed? via

    Deal_with_it11 months ago

    I thought this said "What if gender roles were reversed."? Fairly certain that's what it said.

    So why then is this a video about how men need to be aware of the sexualization of women? Why is there nothing about how men are portrayed as buffoons, or as the comical sidekicks to the competent, capable woman? Why is 'The King Of Queens' style male persona so acceptable (fat, slightly left of the bell curve, somewhat funny, and exceptionally ignorant) while the wife in almost every single sitcom (even in cartoons like the Simpsons and Family Guy) is always the 'smart one', correcting his world view, and fixing all of his mistakes?
    Why must there be this severe dichotomy where the 'accepted' norms are so terrible, but pointing out the problems with female targeted advertising is THE ONLY acceptable argument against sexist media? Why can't we just say “enough with the sexism” without it implying that ONLY women are objectified?
    Ladies, yes you are almost exclusively portrayed as sexual objects by media, but us guys are almost exclusively portrayed as sub-standard, worthless, knuckle-dragging incompetents. You are ENCOURAGED to point out how degrading to women the media has become, but unlike you I am labelled a misogynist simply because I want to see adverts where the man ISN'T the fool, where the man ISN'T ridiculous, and where the man IS capable.
    Why can't both men and women be outraged at the advertising in today's society?
    Why must this argument always be about the sexual objectification of women instead of advertisings corruption of the self-worth of PEOPLE?

    Amber Richardson11 months ago

    I think you missed the part in the video where the impact of the male role in advertising is discussed. The fact that you can name almost all of the examples in which men are portrayed as "knuckle-dragging incompetents," shows just how little it does actually exist. And the women in those shows are often seen as naggy, annoying, and bitchy, so there is still a negative representation.

    Advertising and media are ruining the image of both men and women. But why complain about the Kevin James' of the world? Those men can still be fat, stupid, obnoxious, and they still get a wife thats way too good looking, smart, etc, for them. In those cases, women always settle. Why? Because advertising has led us to believe that that is all they can get.

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