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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.


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    A City Education: What Happens to These Students if Nothing Changes? via


    arrmarabout 1 year ago

    Can you possibly find a few more opportunities to apologize for and excuse failure?

    Segregation, immigration status, and poverty do not cause students to fail.

    The public school monopoly, pop culture, and low expectations do.

    Give parents a choice, not for a nearby magnet or charter, but for a private school - online or parochial. It won't save every kid, but it will give a significant number of them, those with parents who give a hoot, a fighting chance at life. To balance out the first amendment conflict, we'd allow a private gay-atheist-GLEE-teen-mom-MTV school as well.

    Meanwhile, we need to reform welfare again, since the president is secretly trying to undo the gains we've made. Single mothers, I'm sorry, it is wrong for you to exclude the child's father(s) from the household, even if they don't want to be there. Kids need whole families; we need to quash welfare payments that encourage fathers to be absent and anonymous. Once you make a baby, it doesn't matter if you like each other, you have about 16 years of responsibility to see that child raised to reasonable maturity, including simple things like "Do your homework", "Turn off the TV and read a book", and showing up for church (or the pagan barn-raising work-party equivalent) early Sunday, and showing respect for others - something mostly reinforced by having a man in the home.

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