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Ben Linderoth

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.


  • Ben Linderoth replied to a comment by Jonathan Goldberg

    We Need Kids to Have a Love Affair With Reading Now More Than Ever via



    Ben Linderoth5 months ago

    I am a South African and grew up in a bleak and impoverished neighbourhood, but despite these circumstances I developed a love for reading, this was my salvation. It gave me hope and a sense that there were worlds better than the one I lived in. Reading, The Old Man and the Sea and a poem changed my life and my destiny. It inspired in me the dream to travel, this for a girl growing up in such dire circumstances was almost an impossible dream. BUT I kept and reading, working and believing.....AND I am living proof that reading changes lives...FOREVER:):)

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  • Ben Linderoth replied to a comment by Rob Lewis

    Five Reasons to Give Half Your Work Away via



    Rob Lewis7 months ago

    All kudos to you if you can make it work. OTOH, in my experience people don't value things they get for free. ESPECIALLY in the area of design, where committees of self-styled experts think they have license to tinker endlessly with the work that you agonized and sweated over, all at no cost to themselves or their organization. If you discourage the tinkering by charging for revisions, you're really doing them a favor by getting them to focus on things that are actually productive and in their areas of expertise.

    (When I started my first job in advertising almost 40 years ago, my boss, a very senior creative director, would not accept a client unless they would identify ONE person who had final approval over the work. No committees.)

    Ben Linderoth7 months ago

    Rob, I work in the same industry and can identify with what you say, I agree with your ex-boss - one YES person and charges for changes. Only people who work in our industry can understand the gut wrenching hours taken away from family, only to pander to the panel. Lets be good to ourselves - only then can to we advocate real goodness

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