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Bethann Merkle

I pour fairly big drops of myself into the world...

I am good at dreaming, scheming, illustration, photography, facilitation, sustainability education, gardens, food



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    Bridging the Book Gap: Because Income Shouldn't Determine Access via

    Bethann Merkleover 1 year ago

    This is a great initiative! I work for an English-language literacy resource organization in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada (the heart of French-speaking Canada). A lot of our work involves a) working with families to encourage good reading habits and literacy skills at a young age, and b) helping adults with literacy challenges later in life.

    I would 100% underline, bold, and all caps my agreement with those individuals encouraging people's use of libraries at all stages of life. I literally grew up in libraries, including volunteering (while still in elementary school) in my school and public libraries. They are still some of my favorite places in my hometown. And they really need public support.

    That being said, for folks looking to put books in childrens' hands, sometimes more than one idea helps. Here are a couple of others that came to mind, as I read Justin's article:
    1. Gift of Reading - an initiative of the Literacy Foundation:
    2. Drop Everything and Read - we did this in my elementary school when I was a child, and I waited for it every year with great anticipation! It was so great to be authorized to do nothing but read.
    3. Sustained Silent Reading was another favorite part of my elementary school days. :)
    4. For fundraising purposes, there are actually a number of crowd funding platforms which allow individuals (not just 501(c)3s and schools) to accept funds. They include kickstarter (, indigogo ( and others.

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