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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.


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    Measure Your Carbon Footprint

    bluefocaabout 1 year ago

    I believe only we can "offset" our own footprints. Paying off our greenhouse gas emissions isn't helping us live differently on the planet. We need to learn how to emit "clean" energy not the dirty kind that is causing our planet to suffer. If each of us made the effort to just change how we live on our level, the rest of the world would follow suit. If the population on Earth used their energy toward global compassion, enriched learning/teaching, and spiritual/physical health and well-being, maybe the negative energies that spore pollution would cease.

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    Sandy vs. New York Art World: Photos Show a Creative Community in Crisis via


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    The Enduring Fallacy of Astrology and Why Your Sign Actually Isn't Your Sign via


    bluefocaover 1 year ago

    i wish there was an "unlike" button or for this website a "NOT GOOD" button.

    I'm so gad we can have discussion and debate over topics like this, helping us fully understand, but this article causes more confusion than inquest. and personally i've found astrology to be quite amazing and useful once you understand the nature of our existence in this Universe.

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    What You Won't Hear in the Presidential Debates: A Response to Racism in America  via


    bluefocaover 1 year ago

    I'm afraid to even mention my ethnic background, for it may alter the opinions of any readers. I do want to say this: no matter what color, gender, age, or other stereotypical label pressed on whomever runs for president, the ONLY things that the American people's vote should be based on are the issues regarding the nation as a whole, the plans of governing, and how they will address the problems at hand and in the long run.
    I don't CARE if the person is black, if they are male, if they have a family, if they look good in a suit...I just want a GOOD PRESIDENT! And quite frankly I don't think our current president is going to make life any better for Americans. (and if you think for a second that Mitt Romney has any reason to be in the white house, we're all doomed!).

    I truly believe Americans need to look upon themselves, and help themselves, each other, to rise above the crisis and enslavement that is looming over us as we speak. WE can do it, nobody else will do it for us...

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