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Linda Murphy

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.

Ottawa, Canada


  • Linda Murphy replied to a comment by bob.burdick1

    Why We're Giving Up a Day of Profits for Democracy via


    bob.burdick1over 1 year ago

    I hope you are right, but I don't think you are. If people are not sufficiently motivated to vote in the once-every-four-years Presidential elections, I do not think a holiday or, worse, weekend election day, would motivate them. In fact, I suspect that those who are not already motivated to vote would seize the holiday for unrelated pursuits (just as most of us do for Labor Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, etc.). And ask them to give up a weekend day? Yikes! Good luck to you, though. If you can pull this off at your company, you are a remarkable person. For the record, I always vote, regardless of any inconvenience, and I am deeply saddened by those who don't -- even if they support candidates I don't like. So what's my plan to increase participation? We cannot require it, nor should we. We cannot require candidates to tell the truth because of the Constitution (which tends to protect liars in many cases). We cannot require that only reasonable candidates run (who is to define 'reasonable'?). No. About all we can do is try to teach our children (and those who are older) what a serious responsibility (and opportunity) this is. You are doing your part at your company. Perhaps others will, as well. But I am not counting on it. As long as our politicians strive to divide us for their personal and political gain and stubbornly refuse to set aside partisanship for the betterment of the nation, we are mired in mindless gridlock. If we successfully Take Back Tuesday, what plans do you think our friends in Washington will devise for it?

    Linda Murphyover 1 year ago

    I just joined and I am wondering whether some commenters have missed the point of GOOD. I didn't join as a Pollyanna, but I thought the point was to find ways to promote positive change.

    I agree that it is hard to to motivate people to vote and part of that is that the political machinery is so negative these days. Initiatives like Alex's have to help. But I think that the real trick is for each of us to be out there persauding others to vote - no matter who they are voting for. During our last federal election, my group of friends each pledged to do this by making voting a topic with everyone we met during the week before the vote. We drove people or accompanied to their voting site, played with or babysat their kids and generally cheerled potential voters. In some cases this also included emailing people a summary of candidate positions published in local papers. Alex has taken this type of encouragement to another level and I pray that it will add voters to the list. At least he is making a (substantial in my view) contribution to the goal of democracy.

    P.S. I also agree with other comments about teaching our children (and I would say, others) to engage as citizens - at every level. Given increasingly complex issues, this also means finding credible sources on speciality topics to guide us (just as political leaders do). I also happen to feel that this means engaging with our elected politicians by email and editorials or turning up at meetings to better learn about issues or to challenge positions on them. Our schools (and countries more generally) need to put more value on positive forms of citizenship, engagement and volunteerism. For the record my daughter, husband and I have never missed a vote at any level despite having reservations (and differences of opinion) about some of our choices.

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    Why We're Giving Up a Day of Profits for Democracy via


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