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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.


  • cicatrix replied to a comment by WhoopsOhMy

    Books by Native Writers Key to Building Accurate Knowledge About American Indians via



    WhoopsOhMyover 1 year ago

    I started to read the article and very very soon, within a few sentences the agenda became apparent, and it wasn't one persons opinion. It was blanketed in bias, not fact.
    First, this is an article solely from native Americans. Come on how naive do you want your audience. Everyone acts like they weren't travelers, over throwers of other tribes Conquerors. Its become so popular people are seeing if they can be 1/8 of something for the perks and benefits.
    Native Americans talk about how they are people of the land. Have you seen what kind of custodians they are to their land. Yes much work is needed there if they want to stand on their ancestors plateau.

    Candidly I'm a native American, 5rd generation American. So how long to I have to hold out before you consider you and I one in the same. Sniff sniff, I smell racism? Yes, that's racism when one ethnicity decides its important to set the other one straight, just because of their color.

    Just based on how you opened with their books will "provide accurate".... That as well is an opinion . No where in this article are there factual recounts, based on history, not their opinions
    I'm disappointed in "Good" for not representing opinions and facts versus opinion and somewhere there must be facts. You tarnished your image for the bias insisted on.
    And candidly I'm getting a bit tired of American bashing,
    And candidly I'm getting a bit tired of all the ???? American. Get rid of the monikers and start calling yourself just an "American". You'll find we will along get along much better, once you quit telling the white man he's no good.

    cicatrixover 1 year ago

    Troll. Mark for delete.

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