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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.


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    Can the OWS 'Rolling Jubilee' Liberate Americans From Debt? via


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    Can the OWS 'Rolling Jubilee' Liberate Americans From Debt? via


    citizenvernover 1 year ago

    It's an awesome, brilliant, exciting move. Mixed feelings, though. What about everyone still paying rent (and rising rent at that) because they were "sensible" and didn't jump into a home loan they couldn't afford? As with the banks and auto-industry, we shouldn't create a win-win situation for people with bad judgement. Not only does it incentivize un-sustainable bad business, it also sucks resources away from people who do the right thing (by way of higher prices/rates, tighter loaning, etc.) We can't just "reward everyone", regardless of what they do.

    On the other hand, I'm a hypocrite. I'd LOVE to see my student loans reduced. The American edu system's policy of THROWING debt at inexperienced juveniles with ZERO preparation or assessment is simply predatory. People with DEGREES and EXPERIENCE in lending should be held accountable for the loans they make to people who DON'T have that specialized training. In the legal field, the medical field, the engineering field, professionals are accountable for doing their job right. And in the business world?

    What we need is "malpractice" suits against lenders. The responsibility has to lie on both sides of the equation.

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