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Common Tater

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.


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    Video: What if Gender Roles in Advertising Were Reversed? via

    Common Tater7 months ago

    Some valid points - but basically this video is very confused. E.g. aside from a general critique one might have of the media alloting roles to all of us there is nothing per se particularly pernicious in the fact that "women are sexualised" in the media. Women have sexualities - they are not sexless drones. It is not generally helpful to conflate representation of female sexuality with sexism, unless one wants to build alliances with the religious right. Moreover, although at least some of the earlier ads you use are undeniably sexist and rather ridiculous, the experiment backfires with the 'reversed ads', many of which would be quite plausible as adverts. Where it isn't plausible this tends to be because the guy involved is too fat or stereotypically unnattractive. If all the male ads featured hunks they would not be too different to many of the ads around at the moment aimed at women and gay men. Such ads may be vaguely ridiculous but they are no more offensive anything else in the world of advertising.

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