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Craig Mesman

Hello. Please look at my notes. Thank you.

I am good at giving a damn.

Fortuna, California


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    Why Biking 7,000 Miles to Patagonia is Essential for Creative Living via



    Craig Mesman9 months ago

    Hi Jedidiah,

    My name is Craig and I am reading your Mom and Dad's book about their walk together after they were married. I bought it to read after rereading your Dad's first book after I first read it over 30 years ago. I got an inspiration from God, as I say, about 3 years ago to go on a long walk. Not as long as your parents, but still 550 miles. Immediately after that inspiration, I recalled reading your Dad's book- I had forgotten that I had read it so many years before, but I recalled the seed that it planted. Well, I did that walk- I walked from Ferndale (by Eureka, California) south to San Luis Obispo. It changed my life. I loved it- especially the people along the way. I met many touring cyclists, like you will be. We camped at the hiker/biker sites and I had new compadres every evening! All the people, everywhere, were great. That walk restored my faith in people. I found what I was meant to find there in SLO, and I returned home and downsized my life. I sold or gave away most of my things, and then pursued a new direction in my life and moved down to SLO. I understand what you wrote in your essay, "It makes you focus on protecting what you have rather than fighting for what could be." I credit God with giving me my inspirations and directions, and I am pleased that I followed Him. It's been good! I have no regrets for my downsizing and change of direction. I am much more free now without all my "stuff", and I am continually thankful- both for not having to haul it, and for the freedom it gives me for opportunities I have now that I would not have otherwise. I could go on and on, but I won't. I sent your Dad a Facebook message many weeks ago, but did not hear back from him. I now live in Fortuna, CA (for now) and if I'm not here, I will be in SLO, CA. Both are on your route south. Look me up on Facebook under "Craig Mesman" (I'm the only one). You can also check out the blog I kept as I walked: . Safe and fun travels to you Jedidiah. Amen!! I love reading your parent's books because I can visualize what they experienced based on my own experience- and now you will too. I wish I could talk to them someday (and to you too). Godspeed Jedidiah! Craig

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