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Dahveed Writes

Freelance writer and Author of a 3 books. Book 4 to be released 2013.

I am good at saying what people don't want to hear.

San Diego, California


  • Dahveed Writes replied to a comment by syspro

    Chris Rock Sends a Message to White Voters via

    sysproover 1 year ago

    Cynthia Scott - since you are a racist, OF COURSE you are a Democrat, that's the party of racists - always has been, probably always will be. The Democrats seceded from the USA rather than deal with a Republican President who was an abolitionist. The Democrats fought de-segregation every step of the way. Martin Luther King Jr was a Republican who was hounded and harrassed by a Democrat administration (JFK & his brother AG Bobby). Malcolm X said that any black person who voted for a Democrat was a traiter to his race. Oh never mind - go call someone on your ObamaPhone and tell them how wonderful your Obama welfare check is because you can't find a decent job, thanks to Obama and the Democrats.

    Dahveed Writesover 1 year ago

    @syspro - You must not know who Chris Rock is; he's a millionaire. I don't think he gets welfare checks, and he does have decent job. As for me, I'm a Republican that voted Democrate across the board.

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