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Donna Dupree

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at speaking my mind, being creative, making people smile.


  • Donna Dupree replied to a comment by Alessandra Rizzotti

    Answer This: Do You Have Health Insurance (If Not, Why)?

    Alessandra Rizzotti7 months ago

    Love this. This is a creative way to engage our members. I frankly could not get insurance without having a job that provided it bec of pre-existing conditions that were not actually considered to be that bad, according to my doctors. However, insurance companies had it on their list of things to flag. I'm grateful for Obamacare, but now I'm actually finding that my insurance doesn't cover as much because of it. Or, doctors are billing me for extra procedures that are not needed in order to get more money. So, I wonder how this affects other people?

    Donna Dupree6 months ago

    ObamaCare has a few good points in theory, but it is totally unrealistic at this point. The U.S. debt now exceeds its GDP, which basically means we are borrowing money in order to pay our bills. How are we expected to now pay for ObamaCare on top of the huge debt the Obama administration has already run up through ARRA? (Which dramatically increased our debt and sent a large portion of the money overseas.) We need to wake up and face the realities of our situation. We need to say no to unnecessary procedures, take ownership of our health by eating healthy foods, exercising, getting enough sleep, and keeping stress in check. We need to cut the waste in government, lower the national debt, and hold healthcare organizations to a higher standard of compassionate care, while keeping the malpractice vultures in check. Healthcare has become like any other market - buyer beware. Healthcare consumers need to educate themselves, ask pertinent questions, and refuse tests and procedures they feel are not needed. Don't be afraid to question your doctor and have him/her explain their intentions. It's your body, your health, your money.

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  • Donna Dupree commented on a link

    Designing Streets for People, Not Just Cars via


    Donna Dupree7 months ago

    The image above looks like it would make the intersection even more dangerous by reducing visibility of both the pedestrians and oncoming traffic. The raised curb in the median could easily hide a small child or dog. Looking at the image, there's a car in the oncoming traffic that is barely visible behind the curb and foliage. The extra paint and flowers, while attractive, are also distracting. I'd advise the designers to think twice on this idea.

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  • Donna Dupree replied to a comment by Justin Threlkeld

    Answer This: How do you create a culture of creativity, collaboration, and collective joy?



    Justin Threlkeld8 months ago

    It's a little daunting, isn't it? We're just at the beginning of this journey, and it's already hard. We have a community Facebook group, and the membership isn't always the most civil or proactive group of people. It's discouraging when someone suggests an idea on there that gets people excited only to have another member start pointing out all the problems: how it's been tried before and why it just won't work. It really is an uphill battle, but the top of the hill seems so worth it. We just have to hang in there and keep doing what we can to make our communities awesome.

    Donna Dupree8 months ago

    Don't let the nay-sayers get you down. Turn it around on them. If it's "been tried before and just won't work", list the reasons why it "just won't work", then look for the solutions to those barriers. Like all big problems, the resolution comes by breaking the big problem into smaller segments that can be addressed more easily individually. As you begin to conquer more hurdles, momentum will grow, along with enthusiasm and support. Never say never. Be strong and build the dream.

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  • Donna Dupree commented on a link

    Why It's Up to Us to Change the Future For Undocumented Youth via


    Donna Dupree10 months ago

    There is already a pathway to citizenship and countless numbers of Americans have followed it. Illegals are illegals. Period. Those who have worked through the proper channels, have entered the country legally, and paying taxes and living as Americans have earned the right. Many who are now illegally in this country will become legalized only to go on welfare and be a further drain on our over-stretched resources. If they want citizenship, they have the option to get it the way that is already laid out for them. Better yet - why not stay in their own countries and work to make them better places to live so they will want to stay in their own homelands and help them grow to greatness.

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  • Donna Dupree commented on a link

    Best of 2012: The Five Most Extraordinary Things to Happen in Education via


    Donna Dupreeover 1 year ago

    This article only serves to emphasize that not everyone is college material. We do have trade schools and vocational training for hands-on learners, but we must have structured learning for higher math, sciences, and engineering. There are many topics and areas that require lectures, textbooks, homework exercises, and tests to monitor how well students are learning. Let those who have the patience, aptitude, and I.Q. go to college and learn traditionally or through online colleges and universities and others who are less suited for that type of education follow the path of internships, apprenticeships, and general experience learn through those methods. It takes all kinds of people with all kinds of interests and abilities to keep an economy and society functioning. We should embrace them all. Open your mind and be appreciative of what we have.

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  • Donna Dupree commented on a link

    Laugh at Donald Trump's Insanity, But Call it What it Is: Racism via

    Donna Dupreeover 1 year ago

    Excuse me, but has anyone bothered to look at the national debt and the welfare role since Obama took office? I think I could probably look like I was doing quite well if I increased my debt by 50%, but what am I going to do when the bill comes due? That's just what our president has done to America. He has made himself look good by focusing on skewed numbers ie the "unemployment rate" (The number of people drawing unemployment compensation) has fallen, but only because so many people have stopped looking for work, their benefits have expired, and they've gone on welfare because the work for welfare requirement was dropped. The actual numbers are ugly and the national debt has increased by 50%. Obama made himself look good, but the taxpayers will be paying the bill for generations to come. The world economy is far from stable. Take off the rose colored glasses and see the truth people.

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