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Dwayne Lindsay

I attended Westminster (Md) High School, where I studied Graphicc Arts

I am good at giving a damn.

Columbia, Maryland


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    Five Reasons to Give Half Your Work Away via



    Dwayne Lindsay7 months ago

    I have no problem with "giving back" and have done years of volunteer work outside my profession for orgnizations with no paid staff. I prefer not to dilute my professional brand by giving work away. I routinely receive requests for free work (or are slow/no paid) by well funded "NFP" organizations who are led by professionally compensated "CEO's " who show no sign of "giving back" much of anything. If these organizations truly find the price of my services "too expensive" and wish to receive free work, I suggest they defund their management and paid staff, and return 100% of their income to the mission. Otherwise they are simply a business model that does not declare a dividend, and they can pay the same (modest) rates as every one else.

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