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Elizabeth Rubenstein

don't let school get in the way of your education...

I am good at giving a damn.

Pacifica, California


  • Elizabeth Rubenstein replied to a comment by Mike Brooks

    More Creativity, Less Standardization: Why You Should Support National Opt Out Day via



    Mike Brooksover 1 year ago

    This approach doesn't leave a whole lot of room for nuance. Sure, tests can be over-emphasized and used in bad ways, but there are benefits to them. How can a district, state, or the nation compare one school to another (in order to provide additional support to those in need, in order to determine whether the most vulnerable children are being served) if we reflexively say that all standardized evaluation is bad? Ending testing won't make creative quality education suddenly appear.

    Elizabeth Rubensteinover 1 year ago

    quality education might have a chance with the hours and weeks that would be freed up by eliminating testing. Art, PE and music could return to our schools, and teachers could use qualitative assessment and portfolios to measure each student's progress...
    Children are not standard, we should not treat them like they are.

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