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Fremont Mayor Bill Harrison

I am proud to be Mayor of Fremont, California.

I am good at helping to build the Fremont of tomorrow.

Fremont, California


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    Fremont Mayor Bill Harrison7 months ago

    The City of Fremont, California has been having a few good years. In fact, you could even say it’s reached its golden era with the addition of a slew of companies along with all of the construction and development underway.

    So what was Fremont’s secret to success and what makes it a great city to be a part of?

    Cynics expected the NUMMI closure to be the City of Fremont’s downfall. Much to everyone’s surprise, it’s actually inspired the City’s rebirth.

    Fremont, in its ideal Silicon Valley location, is the 4th largest City in the Bay Area and 15th largest in California. Home to a vast industrial area that sits on the edge of arguably the most innovative region in the world, Fremont is poised to become a vital zone for 21st century American industrial production.

    The new Warm Springs/South Fremont BART Station currently in development will drastically enhance Fremont’s economy and quality of life. The City is well on its way to becoming a job-centric hub of the BART system. The new station will open within walking distance of Tesla Motors and the UPRR property. The City and the region are heavily invested in ensuring the area is developed strategically and takes advantage of the huge public support and regional access provided by the station.

    Plus, Fremont’s new Downtown plan will transform the City from an auto-oriented suburban environment to an urban community that celebrates the local economy and embraces a major metropolitan city vibe. We envision a Downtown that serves as the City’s social heartbeat – where people can connect, communicate and celebrate.

    Fremont is known as a place where things get built, a hub for manufacturing - From Tesla Motors, making cutting-edge cars, to Solaria, making solar panels, manufacturers are drawn to Fremont by incentives including a five-year waiver on business taxes, an expedited regulatory process, proximity to Silicon Valley firms and a skilled labor force.

    The City of Fremont has also recently rolled out a new site and blog dedicated to its business stakeholders. The new site,, and blog, Takes from Silicon Valley East, offer a platform for real estate brokers, investors, developers, entrepreneurs, and the community at large to share points-of-view and engage in discussion.

    Aside from all this great stuff happening in Fremont, the City was also ranked 5th Best Run City in America ( this year.

    Manufacturing, clean-tech, an innovation district, you name it – Fremont has it and is only getting better.

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