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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.


  • GoodSwan replied to a comment by Kristen Haynie

    Answer This: Do You Have Health Insurance (If Not, Why)?

    Kristen Haynie6 months ago

    I don't have health insurance, and I have absolutely no intention to get it anytime soon. So far, my experience with healthcare in the United States has been horrible. Doctors don't listen to or even care about my needs. They just want to prescribe a pill and move on to the next person. I prefer what people are calling "alternative medicine" which from what I understand, includes everything other than taking pills to mask your symptoms. Unfortunately, "alternative medicine" is not covered by any health insurances that I've been able to find, so why should I pay for health insurance if I have no intention of using it? I will pay for my own healthcare when and how I need it.

    GoodSwan6 months ago

    Sigh.... I'm sorry you've had a poor experience with traditional medicine. I'm very fortunate that my providers have welcomed the inclusion of "alternative medicine" in my holistic care. My suggestion is to keep looking for the right doctor.
    But your comment "I will pay for my own healthcare..." troubles me. Do you have any idea what that cost could be? I was about your age when I was diagnosed with a immune system disease that typically appears in young adulthood; the cost to maintain remission is staggering (but the drugs have worked wonders and alternative medicine did NOT work at all).
    So how exactly WILL you pay if you do need care, please enlighten me? Are you wealthy, or are your friends and family wealthy? Please don't stick the system (charity or your the medical facility) with your bill when you do need care and insurance won't be available to you.

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