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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.


  • ironwill13 commented on a link

    In America, Race Is More Than a Backdrop via



    ironwill139 months ago

    As much as I hate to say it though, most stereotypes are true, though I do believe it does not portray an entire race. The thing that you neglect to talk about though is the upbringing of young black americans. If you had argued with a more open concept and argued both sides and not just the "white people grow with biases" then it would have truly been an excellent piece. Young black americans grow up in an upbringing where violence is cheered upon, drugs and alcohol from rap music is a norm, and that having bling is a must. Trayvon though indeed still a minor, did have quite a troubled past himself and so to consider race on one end, you must consider race on both ends. The attitude that young black americans portray are the reasons why most other races stereotype them into violent thugs. Don't believe me, check out a website called, a place where the majority of the audience is black americans and the videos are nothing but young black americans with crude and ignorant behavior.

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