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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.


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    Compton, Who? With a $70 Million Donation, it's 'Dre Day' For Elite USC  via



    jgarcia9911 months ago

    This is an extremely misleading article which really skews the facts. First, I am a minority from Los Angeles who goes to USC and duel majoring in mechanical engineering and computer science, which CSUDH doesn't even offer. I busted my ass to get scholarships and grants to USC. When I was ready to go to USC I could only cover half of the tuition. USC saved my life by picking up the other half of my tuition. That's right I don't pay a dime to go to USC and talking to many other students, They're all in the same boat. These are white students, black, latino, asian, all races, so don't make USC seem like some exclusive white university. Going to USC isn't about being rich and white. If you have the grades they will help you pay.

    Second, what you said about GPA's at USC and CSUDH could not be further from the truth. I could't find anywhere that said CSUDH had an average acceptance GPA of 3.09, the highest I found is 2.89 and that was from Cappex who keeps stats on the Cal states. They did say they based GPA's on a weighted scale so AP and honors classes boost your GPA. The admitted USC class has an average non-weighted GPA of 3.80 ( If you took away the weighted scale of DH, that would probably put USC 1 whole grade point above them. That is a huge difference!

    Third, you are making an incredible assumption by saying the 25 kids who are entering the program probable aren't from Compton-or any other with similar demographic. That's just horrible writing (I refuse to call a blogger a reporter). Yes, USC does have STEM type programs called JEP. Read about JEP, you might learn something. I'm not going to sit here and try and put down Dominguez Hills, but to try and say it's equally as good as USC is completely absurd. I am so proud to be getting a degree from USC and to say a CSUDH degree would hold the same weight, well....

    On a side note, I had a recruiter from CSUDH tell me I shouldn't pursue engineering at USC and I should join his TTT program (Transition to Teachers Program), because I was going to be miserable as an engineer and I would have a lot more sustainability as a math or science teacher.

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