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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.


  • johnwcowan replied to a comment by leonard sheaffer

    My Year on Food Stamps and What the Cuts to SNAP Will Mean via



    leonard sheafferabout 1 month ago

    I have met with the head of the snap program a couple years ago in Washington. There are people that really need this program & know how to buy nutritious foods, but there is also a lot of waste in the program also. Low income people have one of the biggest obesity problems. I think there should be better guidelines on what is considered eligible food. The head of the program said pop & potato chips are eligible food & it would to hard to determine if an energy drink was a food or not. There are guide lines in the WIC program. They could be established for the food stamp program. I think there should be food educational programs tied to receiving benefits. I don't think people should should get cash back on a SNAP purchase. I think there is enough fraud that could be eliminated in the program to save the amount of the cuts. One of big reasons for the cuts was to eliminate the automatic SNAP qualification because of receiving heating assistance. Some states were giving $1 assistance so people could qualify.

    johnwcowanabout 1 month ago

    Obesity-causing food is the cheapest. WIC gives you specific foods, with no choice as to the type of food or sometimes even the brand.

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  • johnwcowan replied to a comment by Maestro Benir

    Read 'Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria'




    Maestro Benir5 months ago

    From a British/African/Muslim experience point of view (and someone who has spent a couple of years in American schools - 20 years ago!) - I can advise you with clarity: Your country is indeed de-facto "re-segregated" - and THIS time, the minorities have ZERO leverage – and will ultimately lose this round of American "race conflicts" // The ironic thing is that ALL peoples of the Americas are largely of the same ILK: mixed-race, mixed-cultures, and mongrelised religion. What's happening is (you) are instinctively sorting a pecking order, aren't you? All one needs do is observe your cultural landscape; your literary product and your abominable entertainment propaganda: You are clearly trying to establish some social hierarchy.

    Only your caste system is rather boring. Its callow, devoid of historical perspective and its oddly, a "colour based", inverted totem pole of imagined superiority (not even "race" per se) based on the same aesthetics fancied by Slavers of the "pleasure islands" during the war-like expeditions of the Crown of Aragon.

    How you will sort this is the scary part of the story. You need only look at the older, mature empire of Great Britain - which is the longest surviving empire in history - and ping the timeline for your fate. If the Americas veer off, as the Aragonese did, you will disappear - as Spain indeed did. You will be relegated to a boring murmur - as Spain is today.

    If you implode, collapse upon yourself as Austria did, you will have an even shorter effect on history. The other failed empires of the USSR and its counterpart in China are clamouring for (your) crown - but they will never be able to sort it. Their priorities are hopelessly out of whack. Britain has seen similar efforts from Denmark, France and Germany - and you (should) know that result!

    How you proceed has everything to do with this timeline in history. Your race/culture mixing is no different that what has happened in Spain, North Africa or even India/Asia -- do you want to build a brutal CASTE SYSTEM and have to endure what those states have suffered? Their suffering makes your diluted "Civil Rights" clashes look like carnival rides. How does your "Ku Klux Klan" compare to the Nazis? The "KKK" never had the balls to seize (a) state – and run it into WWII! ... Do you want terms like "Ethnic Cleansing" and "Corrective Rape" applying to your country??

    The SOONER the USA realises that you are a ONLY a former, feudal, rogue, colony of MUTTS - the sooner you will claim your proper Ethnic identities, RESPECT those historical provinces of others identities - and move the fuck on.

    Otherwise, Great Britain will be waiting, with another life preserver - to pull you out, and to take your booty.

    And your present "tea party" won't stand a chance this time.


    johnwcowan5 months ago

    Your history is horseshit. "Longest surviving empire"? Please. The Holy Roman Empire lasted from 962 to 1804, and its two successor empires brought that down to 1918. The Roman Empire lasted from about 100 B.C. to 1453. The Chinese Empire is three thousand years old and still kicking.

    As for "proper ethnic identities", there's nothing proper about them. Every nation on Earth is composed of MUTTS. We are the descendants of the wretched refuse of your teeming shores, and we have done damn well internally. Even if we lost all our external empire (which would suit me), we'd still be nearly continent-sized.

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