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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.


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    Why Millennials Aren’t Rushing to the Polls (and Why They Should) via


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    Why Millennials Aren’t Rushing to the Polls (and Why They Should) via


    JustinSover 1 year ago

    Hi- yes- the perception is that lack of voting = lack of interest. The problem is that you have to understand how your actions are being perceived by people, because what you think you are doing- and how you think you are communicating could be completely different from how people are hearing, seeing or understanding you.
    Abstaining from voting is like giving someone the silent treatment. You might think you're making a point, but no one knows exactly how you feel until you communicate. They can guess- but instead what happens is they listen to the people that have given a voice to their point.

    Apathy is a message, yes. Ignorance is bliss, yes. But we live in an age of statistics. If you don't vote, you're not counted. You are literally a "zero" when it comes to results. That means millions of other people may decide what is right for you. That means an electoral college- people elected by those millions of people, might decide what is right for you. If you want people telling you what to do, without having a voice, then don't vote. If you want to tell people how you really feel, then vote. Even if it is writing in a name or only checking boxes for issues that interest you.
    The United States gives you the right to vote. That means you have a right to state your opinion: what you think, feel, believe on issues and the people representing the issues, and the people representing the people- your people. Many countries do not have the right to vote, or are governed by a political system, group or person that is not driven by voting.

    Don't like either of the candidates? Vote for a non-major party candidate. Don't like any of the other candidates on the ballot? Write someone in you feel would be a better fit. It can be Donald Duck if you want.
    Don't care about a specific issue? Focus on the issues that are most important to YOU and just make sure someone hears you. Your vote might say "I hate the political system." It might say "I agree with the political system." The point is that you have a voice and the right to use it- and if you don't you're letting someone else speak for you.

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