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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.



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    The City Social: Why Urbanism Needs To Return To Observation via



    Kagehi9 months ago

    Bah.. We have small, inaccessible parks, with no sitting area, a mall that is 5 miles outside of town, and no real effective public transportation, nothing other than bars, and a gold course, for people to "do", and all our seating is in places with no actual walk ways, no shade, and 120+ degree weather. There is a problem with this? lol

    Yeah, reasonable people have been pointing out the absurdity of how cities get built, never mind "grow", once they are, for decades. Only.. the people selling houses are **not** in the business of selling parks, or public works, or jobs, or the ability to get to any of these places. They are in the business of putting up 50 new houses, in some place they can buy land cheap, and then letting everyone else worry about the "small" details.

    Meanwhile, "city planners" are too busy misplacing money, ignoring their own charters, and/or protecting their own lands and businesses (nope, no conflict of interest here..), or paying some twit a million dollars for two rusty iron cages, filled with rocks (sculptures, you see..) than actually "planning" anything.

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