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Koi McCormick

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.


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    Compton, Who? With a $70 Million Donation, it's 'Dre Day' For Elite USC  via


    Koi McCormick11 months ago

    I understand this from both points of view.

    USC's name carries weight, and a tradition of excellence. If you're donating 70 million dollars? You want to put it someplace where you're guaranteed to see some return on it. USC has more prestige, a bigger student body, and a larger volume of classes than the average Cal State. The money has an opportunity to reach more students, which gives it a better chance to produce something concrete out of the donation. Who knows if the next Kendrick Lamar or Pharrell Williams will come out of this act of kindness?

    On the flip side of that, Cal State schools are indeed STRUGGLING. Prop...39, was it?....just barely scraped by in 2012 to avoid triggering another 250 million in budget cuts to an already depleted school system. That money would do a lot to further education in a school like Dominguez Hills. It wouldn't put Dominguez on par with the private schools, but it would certainly be money put to good use. Just having more classes available for upper division courses would be a GODSEND for the students.

    For the record, Dominguez Hills does indeed have a Computer Science program. I am a current Computer Science student at Dominguez Hills, and the program is as hard as any other out there. Mechanical Engineering is not offered, and why? The school doesn't have the money to do such a thing. It struggles to keep up with the programs it DOES offer. Most upper division courses at Dominguez have only one or two meeting times --- so if you need to take a course on Data Structures, but can't make it at 10 am or 12:30 pm? You're out of luck. It's rough on the working student.

    Lastly, for a degree like Computer Science, the institution you received your degree from means less than you think. It's like having a degree for being an auto mechanic --- it can tell a potential employer that you know how to do it, but it's also something you could have taught yourself in your spare time. Experience means just as much, if not more, than your degree. Employers want the knowledge. I have 8 years of experience working in software, and that combined with my degree will speak volumes over a Yale grad fresh out of school with the same degree. Regardless, good luck to everyone out there, Higher education is key in this world. Don't let the lack of it paint you into a corner in your professional growth.

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