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Kyle Louise

"All work is creative work, if done by a thinking mind." I wear hig

I am good at giving a damn.

San Francisco, California


  • Kyle Louise replied to a comment by Lindsay Curren

    Astrogarden Rover: How Can We Design a Garden for Mars? via



    Lindsay Curren11 months ago

    What a horribly ridiculous and misguided contribution to the world of gardening and the need for food growth for humans.

    As it is, space exploration is a toy industry for the most part in a world still governed by actual physics, and realities such as peak oil. Wasting precious research time and dollars on a pursuit like this is not just damaging for being so wholly untethered to myriad aspects of reality; it's also destructive for making folks starry-eyed and dreamy over technotopia, or what prescient writer james Howard Kunstler calls, "Too Much Magic."

    It's not that I am unappreciative of the insights that come from imagination, or applications from space study that find their way to earth. But there are serious predicaments facing humankind right here, right now which we ignore daily as we stay focused on a teleological vision that humanity and history are always in an ever-upward trajectory toward something bigger, better, faster, more whiz-bang. It's a Buck Rogers delusion that isn't serving us well at this juncture, when global warming, peak oil, and economic crisis are colliding in the here and now, far faster than a space train can take us to our space colony for our space veggies.

    Use that immense brain power in the service of something that can actually help us work through today's predicaments on today's time scale for today's people and save the fantasy futures for I dunno, dreaming about your next vacay.


    Kyle Louise11 months ago

    Couldn't agree more with these thoughts, Lindsay. I also had the gut reaction of, "no!" why are we putting our resources towards an idea like this rather than solve the problems of this earth? We are easily star-struck by techonological advances, when those advances have so many implications we have yet to understand. To me it has the potential to be the same as introducing the mongoose to Hawaii, or using DMT as a pesticide.

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