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I am good at salting injuries , sweetening blind spots !


  • livinginredalert replied to a comment by pimpexposure

    How Bike-Share Programs Can Help Close the Biking Gender Gap via



    pimpexposure7 months ago

    So according to you and your stats, 24% of women are bike riders, but aged 17-28 60% are women.

    Clap clap clap congratulations, if thats true then we can conclude you and your other "indicator species" woman friends have managed to take biking away from men. Good job on tackling that biking gender gap. Surely this is right in line with young girls and young women outdistancing young men in everything else too these days.

    Betcha won't ever close that video game gender gap though. Because that's all we really care about anymore.

    Just don't start complaining when your 35, single, and can't find a guy to marry who even sheds a glimmer of hope for what your standards are. You'll be biking to work and we'll be at home biking it on Super Mario Bike on the Nintendo.

    PS- I was never in my life ever aware of men or women outnumbering the ther in biking. It never even occurred to me to even think about this nonsense. Why on earth is this stuff important to you? Why don't you write a blog about how important it is to be a good mother and biking tips for children (not GIRLS, all children, you sly dog I know how that goes with people like you).

    livinginredalert7 months ago

    well roared Lion - words almost straight outta my starving tiger-mouth , cept the game-part ... i disdain that - waste of time but escapism needs million faces ok by me !!!
    OMG men are more courageous in the rush-hour on the "truck-routes" between the drunks ... wonder why ... go girls
    close all gaps
    why different genders anyway?? right ladies ? jus kiddin`
    me loves a hairy chest (NOT!!!)
    cheers beloved X`s
    your proud Y

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