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Lori Norman

flexable, family is important to me, I am a good helper

I am good at giving a damn.

Clackamas, Oregon


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    A Fix for Our Fragmented Mental Health System? via


    Lori Normanabout 1 year ago

    I lived in Los Angeles when the state dismantled the public health care system. Since then L.A. has seen flu pandemic, increase of untreated mental health and increase in homelessness. This is what happens when public health issues are not attended to. History has revealed cutting basic public health, allowing large segments of our population to remane in poverty and not meeting the basic needs of Americans aggravates theses issues. Now after decades of neglect our society is in dire need of support. As was evident in Chile, when neoliberal economics was introduced, public support was eliminated. After Chile kicked out Milton Freeman and the Chicago Boys the country had to reinstate all the social programs, increase worker pay, rebuild public health clinics and reinstate unemployment insurance to mention a few. To restore the country to its pre-neoliberal status chile had to undo every thing the neoliberals did. We are now faced with similar situation. Now it will cost the US more to rebuild our public health system than it would to maintain it.

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