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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.



  • Lowie94 replied to a comment by Randy Dutton

    If America's Serious About Appreciating Teachers, Here's What it Takes via



    Randy Dutton12 months ago

    We should appreciate 'good' teachers by getting rid of the 'bad' teachers. Unfortunately, the worst enemy of good teachers are the teachers' unions, which protect the bad ones. In a case I documented at Grays Harbor College where tenured history professor lied (in writing) about history, and admittedly deleted many of the electronic records in the online class, so he could flunk a student, the college did nothing. Why? Probably because the professor is head of the Teachers Union. They wouldn't even address the obvious lies and admitted deletions (during the term).

    Lowie9412 months ago

    Randy, although you clearly had concerns about one college professor, it's important not to compare apples and oranges. At the university level, tenure really does protect a professor's career. At the K-12 level, tenure is simply the right to respond when a teacher believes he's been unjustly accused. That's all it is -- a voice. The union will do what it can to support a teacher with high potential who is clearly working toward improved performance, but it absolutely will not "protect the bad ones". This is largely a self-weeding population to begin with, since nearly half of all new teachers quickly realize the difficulty of the work and choose to leave the profession within the first five years. We wind up with very few "bad teachers" after that! If one slips through, however, it's because the building administrator decided that teacher was effective, not because the union did.

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    Why America's Prep Schools Aren't Following Arne Duncan's Public School Education Reforms via



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