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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.

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    Read a chapter a day




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    Nominate Someone for the GOOD 100




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    Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You




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    How Louis Armstrong Became Satchmo: The Amazing Lost Interview via



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    Video: What if Gender Roles in Advertising Were Reversed? via

    luke.p.mansfield10 months ago

    The most interesting part of any advert seems to be missed. The marketing work that goes into any advert made by any large company...

    This video makes one major assumption that the advert is made for a company by a company. With only control and manipulation in mind.

    The Truth is the adverts are designed to sell a product, they are design to appeal.

    Its not quite a science but there is a method. I myself have taken part in this process, and for the low payment of tea and biscuits. Yes my soul is cheap.

    The biggest part of any advertising campaign is the market research. After a board picks their favourite adverts they put them to a control group and a lot of times to randomly selected people from the street(this is where I contributed).

    The general public are shown a few adverts and pick their favourites giving arm chair criticism. The favourite advert tends to go on to become the one.

    I am also know the guy who does the T4 adverts in the UK he has to make four adverts a week and if he is lucky 2 get picked, if unlucky its back to work.

    The Consumer is also the biggest factor in any advertising campaign. And while the world like sex that is what we will want.

    As for the video, perspective can change what you see.

    You see a woman's hair being pulled, I notice that she is smiling. You see a diamond ring resulting in sex, I could see an engagement proposal resulting in a first night together...Search for the negative and you will find. Demand a sole explanation for the obscene actions of a few and you will find an excuse.

    Open your mind and you will find questions not answers

    P.S I actually found the alternative videos entertaining and comical, the girl replacing the boxer dude, failed though as she failed to fit the context.

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