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Marilyn Morningstar

Marilyn Morningstar is an inveterate world traveler, writer and photog

I am good at giving a damn.

Asheville, North Carolina


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    Protect Penguins & Antarctica = Preserve Life on Earth as we Know it!



    Marilyn Morningstar6 months ago

    A COLLECTIVE WILL is now required to stop the falling penguin populations in Antarctica and around the world. AS THE PENGUIN GOES, SO GOES HUMANITY. In other words, the loss of the penguin populations is the beginning of the end of human life on earth. Why? Algae, plankton, krill are the beginning of the food chain, and they are being poisoned by excess CO2 on the bottom of the Antarctic sea. This stuff is penguin food. It's running out. Add the ice melt and they are in double trouble AND SO ARE WE AS A SPECIES. We, the citizens of the world, must NOW stand up and be counted for the future of our species, or in a couple hundred years, life as we know it on this earth, will be over. EMOTION on this topic is necessary. We cannot just sit back like frogs relaxing in boiling water and WAIT TO SEE. In 2013 there is a complete scientific consensus - the warming is happening TOO FAST. That acceleration since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution can be easily charted and confirmed. For lots more information on the health of the planet, please visit - PLEASE SUPPORT THOSE WHO ARE IMPLEMENTING AWARENESS PROJECTS by pledging your hearts to do your share, pledge to their campaigns, post links on Facebook and Twitter, start your own campaign on - DO SOMETHING to turn the tide at this critical juncture. Namaste.

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    Protect Penguins & Antarctica = Preserve Life on Earth as we Know it!



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