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Mark Curran

Very successful screenwriter -- just no one knows it yet, especially

I am good at giving a damn.


  • Mark Curran commented on a link

    The Emancipation Proclamation Story That Should Be Taught in Schools via



    Mark Curranover 1 year ago

    Katz is pretty typical of people who trash Lincoln. Ironically, in his day, LIncoln was vilfied by people for just the opposite reason -- Katz wants to give people the impression Lincoln was not so much against slavery, he just cared about the Union.

    Yes, you can find such a quote -- the famous one is in a letter to Greely. Mr Katz considers himself a scholar? Of what? He should know that at the time LIncoln wrote this, Ohio Congressmen were calling for the arrest of anyone (they meant Lincoln) who even spoke the words that slavery should end for the war to end. Anyone who dared to say, let the war end slavery, should be ARRESTED.

    I bet you never heard that. If you saw the movie Lincoln, they showed some of the pressures LIncoln faced, but no movie could show the real pressures. LIncoln was faced with most people, including his soldiers and generals at the time, just wanting to end the war His own advisors were saying wait, let slavery be litgated later, let a national referendum on slavery, just end the war if the South agrees to lay down arms.

    Lincoln could have -- he was under massive pressure to end the war. The South was sending messages from Davis, via Blair, that they would lay down arms, but they could keep slavery. Lincoln said no - no - no . We end slavery. We do NOT end the war until we end slavery.

    This was alluded to in the movie, but not strongly enough. SO Congressmen wanted LIncoln arrested. Really. These were not lunatic tea party nut jobs, these were Northern CONGRESSMEN.

    SO LIncoln had to say -- and honestly so -- IF -- IF _ IF he could keep the union together, he would. Notice the IF . Lincoln used words like a brain surgeon uses a laser beam. He did not say IF because he needed to fill up space. IF he could keep the Union together. LIncoln had also said like 50 times, the best way to defeat slavery is to limit it's spread. To limit it's spread, you had to keep the union together.

    Lincoln was an artful dodger that way. Yes, he said that IF statement, and he was quite deceptive. In the movie Lincoln uses a similiar linquistic ruse- - he said something like he assured the House that the Confederates would not come into Washington -- because he was keeping them at HAMPTON ROADS.

    That's sorta was Lincoln was doing with his letter to Greely.

    But learn about Lincoln and those who trash him.

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  • Mark Curran replied to a comment by Taylor Hutchinson

    The Emancipation Proclamation Story That Should Be Taught in Schools via



    Taylor Hutchinsonover 1 year ago

    A rich and little understood/appreciated bit of the story that surely didn't make it into my public (Catholic) school history book or, really, any book until college. Why is that, I wonder?

    Mark Curranover 1 year ago

    Dont be fooled by Katz and other detractors of Lincoln.

    As far as you not learning real history, that's true. DId you ever hear of Southern Ultimatums? All five war ultimatums were about one thing -- the spread of slavery, issues by leaders at Montgomery after secession.

    Did you ever read Jefferson Davis own book where he said Lincoln's resistance to the spread of slavery was the only "intolerable grievance" that made secession, and then war, necessary? That's right, LIncolns resistance to the SPREAD of slavery.

    Have you ever bothered to read the Southnern newspapers and documents in the year and months leading up to the Civil War? Their violent and religious based lunatic mania to spread slavery into Kansas was at the heart of the Civil War. 98% of the people in Kansas just voted AGAINST slavery -- did you eve know what? But the SOuthern leaders insisted, actually demanded in war ultimatums that slavery "be accepted and respected": in Kansas.

    When LIncoln ignored their insane demands for him to force Kansas legislature to pass slavery, the South, as promised, attacked.

    Have you ever read Sherman's letters to and from Gen Hood outside Atlanta? I suggest you read them, Sherman reacted to Hoods complaints about the Union Army and the war. Sherman wrote what has to be the best writing about the cause of the Civil War, without mentioning slavery. But slavery, the violent efforts to spread slavery, were at the heart of Confederate leaders. They did not respect states rights, they promised war if states decided for themselves issues of race and slavery. Bet they didnt teach you that.

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