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Melissa Harness

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.

Knoxville, Tennessee


  • Melissa Harness replied to a comment by Kathy Barkulis

    An Open Letter to President Obama from Bill Ayers via



    Kathy Barkulisover 1 year ago

    An Open Letter To Bill Ayers:
    I do not support President Obama's policies, but this letter is vindictive. It reeks of petty jealousy toward Duncan, and needlessly lectures the President. It sounds like a letter from a long lost friend who gave the recipient many favors so that he could achieve power and position, and then isn't grateful to the people who got him there. I am sure that you are resentful of Obama for so many favors you and your rich 1% father did for Obama to get him that power, but really, you just sound small in this letter. It took a leftist village to bring President Obama to the White House, but alas, he threw you under the bus with so many others who got him there. Life's a bitch, huh Bill?

    Melissa Harnessover 1 year ago

    Really? Who's the jealous one here. You know nothing about education do you? Think before you write.

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