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— Abraham Lincoln

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  • MizTee replied to a comment by jaddadalos

    What if We Taught Kids About Skin Color and Racism The Way We Teach Math? via



    jaddadalos10 months ago

    This is very much related to a concept that my friend/colleague and I have been discussing and developing. Discussion of race, skin color/colorism, and how these concepts have developed and been valued in our society SHOULD be part of our schooling. Intentionally. For us, it took a series of conflicts based on skin color and race for one of our staff members to request that my friend and I address a group of 6th and 7th grade Black and Latina girls. By this age there are so many messages and misconceptions to tackle, we knew that our 2-session workshop was not enough. And then, I consider various age groups and what would need to be done to address these topics at various levels of understanding. Plus, group makeup is important - we worked with self-identified Black and Latina girls. Adding boys, white students, or other dynamics is important to consider. Context and history are crucial. It's overwhelming, but exciting. We plan to formally tackle this explicitly via curriculum development and resource gathering and would enjoy further discussion, collaboration, and resource sharing.

    MizTee9 months ago

    I would really like to share resources and curriculum development on this topic. I teach Kinder-8th grade art classes. Cheers!

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