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    Designing Streets for People, Not Just Cars via


    MoCosmo3 months ago

    Love the progressive aesthetic. It's good to challenge the accepted thinking, but unless it has massive political backing, I'm curious how it does/will address the usual design challenges:
    Sf fire will want to drive over those curbs during an emergency. It's an interesting choice to render an intersection a block and a half down a tight street from a fire station - they probably already roll those curbs on a daily basis. Add in that SF fire has taken an increasingly political stance against bulb outs.

    For accessibility, the flush curb at the crosswalks will need warning strips and (if that wide) bollards. The striping might only be allowed outboard of the warning strip edge, and need to be straightened out (boring) so that the visually impaired have cues telling them they're A) in the street, B) walking in the right direction. Alternatively, an even less directional pattern might help dispel confusion.

    The visibility issue (mentioned above) is also huge.

    ... maybe you've had all these conversations, but SF politics -wise I would start with accessibility and fire, instead of trying to ram something past them (if we're being realistic). If the bold aesthetic gets too watered down it just becomes a thin veneer on the familiar safety/public-realm-space-making concepts where we humbly began. Good luck. I really am rooting for you to solve this with your creativity and further the conversation.

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