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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.


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    Fight the Food Waste in Your Own Fridge



    mst90012 months ago

    We eat leftovers twice a week-lunches, dinners, snacks , whatever-as long as food is used up.That night you are not allowed to open up any new food except for oils or condiments or what is needed to heat or spruce things up.this also allows me to keep inventory and buy what I need. This way food is not rotting and you can keep the fridge cleaner since moldy rotting food contaminates all food in the area.

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    Infographic: The Least and Most Corrupt Governments Around the World  via


    Vast Shadowover 1 year ago

    Wow.... Y'all are way off.

    First off just because half of Asia hates the USA doesn't determine they are corrupt.

    People in USA think USA is racist... Well Asia is facist, if you do not hold the same view or ideals there. They kill ya in rural parts. Same with any other country. That doesn't condone to being corrupt. That is just considered radical. However many parts of Asia loves the USA, but just like going to other countries... Don't leave the tourist State.

    Russia is not corrupt. It is still stabilizing its economy... As back in the late 70s to 80s ... They had a economy collapse. After Stalin died, it did become a very corrupt nation... Fell a part since they were never a real united Russia, as Stalin visioned... It allowed CORPORATION manipulation. To basically turn parts of Russia into a cesspool and some how Russia fired a missile, that Russia itself was not aware of. Shortly after Russia economy shut down.
    Today, Putin is a very... Brash individual -- You can chuckle about KGB all you like, secret police... Yada - yada. However, Stalin created the conception of secret police... That every country... Imitates a Secret service.
    Putin is not a corrupt person... Even though you will hear, he gave 110% of Winning his reelection in votes... Unlike Obama, Putin actually directed and approached the outcrys from his public of corruption. Putin did not just turn a cold shoulder like the whitehouse and Obama does.
    So why Russia is said to be corrupt, well its only said... There is so much Propaganda against Russia.... Just like the USA. AS the USA is boasted by conspirators to be founded by evil satan worshippers... Russia has many sayings that Marxism, a politcal science... Is tied to Satanism... An Stalin was the real World War II criminal. Even though Stalin hated hitler... Stalin opposed Hitler... Stalin was paranoid from Hitler living next door.

    So much propaganda and evenly... I think Putin just reads into it and since he cares about his public... Putin address everything accordingly. Is that corrupt?

    USA should be in the red. I'm a big patriot, but I'm not stupid.
    Our country is very corrupt. We hide truth... We blind side a lot of foreign countries... We impose prosecution and regulations that fit our bidding. Put it simpler, if there was Oil in Africa... Instead of natural Gas... Africa would be under a lot more war torments.

    Ever since the IRS came into existence... An the 401k plan had sparked. Our country has been walking on thin ice. 401k is basically a rainy day fund for the USA with a nice lil `retirement cliche to it. If our Economy needs a massive overhaul as it may break apart... 401k would be the first to go. Obamacare is the same thing. Obamacare is a new Rainyday fund. People put money into it... Even if they don't need it or already have a healthcare People still have to pay for it. The money just sits there.
    USA teaches its public not to question its authority or nationals. Most people I've seen blog on Good... Hasn't a real clue to how the Government works. No one knows what left wing and right wing politics are... No one knows what the fisical cliff means. No one here knows what any part of the Government does. All you know is that the President says stuff about the country.

    The Government doesn't own you... You own the Government, but the Government likes to keep you from questioning them. You don't own your house... You don't own your land... You are a slave to the Federal debt the USA has made.

    So where does this debt come from??? Computers? Rocket science? Computers have been around for 50 years... You just now have seen the implacement of the Computer into society.

    What is the debt from? Why do we owe so much money but yet haven't anything to show for it. We are living on 1950s technology... Even our public school systems are baselined off of it.

    Our Government is VERY corrupt. They fail to mention global problems and hope accidents occur. An the funny thing is... Every political government follows the same standards of the USA. But Russia and China... Every other country at least gives to their youth better means of Education.

    While our public schools, just subliminally teach the kids to memorize what they see... Memorzing everything people see and not learning to analyze -- this was another byproduct of the 1950s. 1950s designed the basic of public education... People do not learn from school, they just learn to memorize and copy it. What is progress if it is just memorizing what you see? Fads get used are in the same context; people see it; Remember it; Hear about it being "cool"; Remember it and than just accompany themselves to it. People memorize that our governments care; Remember it and talk about it. People say Gluton is bad; remember it follow it. YOU PEOPLE have forgotten how to think.
    NO ONE learns to analyze things today. Its all just follow the leader... Rinse, repeat. Memorize and do not question. Its almost as bad as the Bible... You are only suppose to learn from it, but if you question the bible YOU GOING to hell!

    The only thing you are only left to wonder is... Why do they do it that way?

    USA is corrupt. The funny thing about all that, is none of all I said is opinion its all out there too look at. Yet you wont find no reason why... You wont find no reason for the World to be up in debt, everywhere... No reason for the cold sholders, the blind sided, half truthes our countries all impose on the people. Maybe they just try to dilute that money is actually worthless, a piece of paper... An if a major catastrophe occurs -- The Government want people to remain dependent of some form of leader?

    Who knows?

    mst900over 1 year ago

    I think I agree with many points you make, however poorly and with ungrammatical finesse. However, black people die every day in this country simply for being black-state executions that are color-coded, brutality at the hands of the police, private citizens-most of whom have never been and never will be prosecuted and the death of the spirit, the soul that causes us to lose so many young people to violence, self-hatred deliberately perpetuated by the media, and socio-political policies that cause the early death of so many black people so much so that we do not live long enough to collect social security.

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    The Emancipation Proclamation Story That Should Be Taught in Schools via


    mst900over 1 year ago

    The reason authentic history is not taught in schools and on the mass racist propaganda that is TV, is that it would free white people from the brutality and racist mindset propagated by those in power necessary to continue to use a targeted readily identifiable group of people as economic fodder and more important to free black people themselves, from the psychological ties that bind.

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    More Creativity, Less Standardization: Why You Should Support National Opt Out Day via


    mst900over 1 year ago

    Standardized testing is a measure of how much money well- to-do students are willing to spend on cheating; everything from getting the test ahead of time, engaging well-paid tutors, having schools artificially inflating scores and teaching to the test, to having some paid test- taker do the job for you. A TV special recently showed how ubiquitous and profitable cheating scandals are, and even when students who paid someone else to take the SAT for them were found out, no action was taken at all. A straight A student admits he never read a single book. Grammar, writing skills, lack of knowledge about history, geography, science, the world and other cultures have been demonstrated on Jay Leno, global comparison tests, media exposure, as well as poorly written journalists' pieces and poorly speaking commentators. This false and heavy reliance on standardized testing has not improved education in US. schools at all. Vulnerable students have not been helped , but purposely left behind as those that count in this society have been preferentially given the very best there is and no real concern except to point out ad infinitum the inferiority of those groups to elevate the sociopolitical status of the chosen few who will continue to the oligarchy that runs this country. Ignorance is essentiial to maintaining the status quo and provides the few with the ability to steal and pillage this country's resources with propaganda, subliminal messages, and the all-purpose cry of national security . The denial of global warming, the pathetic and scary lack of basic scientific knowledge, coupled with the lack of job skills that then allows employers to legitimately outsource employment or import foreign labor will continue until Americans wake up. Yes, we need accountability. First, we need real education that fosters thinking, analysis, computer skills for something other than games, creative arts(then hopefuly movies and fine arts will foster tastes in adults-old and young- that do not include the Hobbit and other childish nonsense so prevalent today). Tests should be a measure of what was taught, how well it was taught, whether basic skills are mastered, and how well the student can think in and out of the box.This requires exams to be more relevant and more creative, as well making them less prone to cheating and rote memorization.

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