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Nicole Meda

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.

San Diego, California


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    Everyone Should Make A Painting



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    How a Critical Mass of Culture Can Fight the Artificial Fiscal Cliff  via


    Vast Shadowover 1 year ago

    Finally found this stupid god damn post. Took me 15 minutes on this cluster-fuck of a site. Pardon my agrivation... But you will hear my whines as you are the reason for me being angry. Organize your webpage, as I've complained about numerous times. GOOD inc... Acts like it made by bunch of 5yr olds... Sitting throwing crap in front of me and not one way to find this stupid blogg article.

    But enough about the way your website frustrated me... About your article ::

    Nice video... The guy is right though -- Bunch of accountants that sit with their jobs secured and screwing everyone elses job. Acting important while doing it = politics.

    The fiscal cliff is real. If you do not know what fiscal mean or any word the politics coin up to sound smart... Look up the word in a dictionary. Do you know dictionaries only reference popular usage of words -- Meaning the word could have different initial defining to it.
    Merriam-Webster calls fiscal: of or relating to taxation, public revenues, or public debt

    Fiscal means, the revenue of our economy... essentially what the economy is bring the government.
    The deficit is the money quotient USA Economy has to oblige. Essentially meaning the deficit is how much the economy needs to make.
    So when Obama doubled the deficit, by messing up last term... We have to make double standard the amount of revenue.

    Our Fiscal blows. For instance::: HP, Microsoft, and many other companies keep going to foreign countries to build their business because -- It is cheaper for HP and Microsoft to do so. They make more money and spend less making their garbage.
    Fiscal is created by our economy... If all our economy is just a bunch of Resteraunts. Our country is running off nickles and dimes.
    Apple, Texas Instrument, AMD, and a few other companies have facilities in the USA. Not many. Actually instead of having Apple HQ here... Apple is planning on placing entire manufacturing plants. Microsoft has majority of its programming come from india, britian, and few parts of Taiwan. They have downsized their programming as they have ONE user interface for all their devices now. I hope USA impels them with a bunch of new taxes.

    But the fiscal cliff... Is bogus too. If Romney would have been elected he could have fixed the US economy well, because he is good with money and accounting. Romney also doesn't want to help Obama. But if Romney helped Obama... It would make Obama look good and no one even be aware it was all Romney's ideas. Romney only planing on being a minor-adviser.

    The fiscal is bogus... Sure you hear on the news... They being all productive appearing. Its only an act. Obama wants to Veto congress and GOP to give more time for him to make an assessment that wont completely screw up the USA economy. Fiscal cliff is a fixed plan -- You going to see a massive tax hike on everything. Prices will rise. Companies will downsize to keep from going bankrupt. Then as Obama term comes to an end... He will give out relief funds out Washington's ass. Just like how Obama gave `gifts. That is what Romney meant, Obama kept giving relief funds... To college students... To few other non-profit organizations.
    Obama is a good speaker, a Good person... But very BAD ideas. What we are all seeing on the news is a gimmick... Obama is trying to bide time and we possibly will see a recession, again. From Obama...

    But oh well... I haven't paid to much attention to it. Its all Bogus... Fiscal and deficit is screwed. Our only chance would have been with Romney. Its bogus meaning... They can't fix it -- Romney could have fixed it, but Romney is not president.

    Obama is a great person, but not a good accountant.

    Nicole Medaover 1 year ago

    Stop blaming politicians. The election is over. Now its time to grow up and stop giving away YOUR responsibility to improve the world to one single man who can't do much on his own. The economy is run by the people, not the politicians. Therefore, it is the people who must make the change, instead of waiting around for politicians who just want money and votes, to make it happen.

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    Set Aside 10-20 Minutes Twice a Day, Everyday for Quiet Time

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    Send Words of Support to Sandy Hook Families



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    In the Wake of Sandy Hook, We Need More Than Just Gun Control via


    Nicole Medaover 1 year ago

    Great article. When discussing the prevention of shootings like this, all anyone talks about is gun control. However, this is not the most effective solution as criminals don't care about laws. We need to reform our violence-obsessed society into one of peace and productivity in order to prevent people from even wanting to do harm in the first place. Please sign my petition: Thank you

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