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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.



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    What's your idea for a big win that's good for you and good for all?



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    What's your idea for a big win that's good for you and good for all?



    paidaover 1 year ago

    There is incredible many ways we could start change, with all kind of means and with any kind of knowledge or skill, but no matter what you do it will be useless unless the intention is absolutely pure. Whatever we do we expect something in return, may it be respect, popularity, gratefulness, fame or money. It shouldn't be like that. Instead, whatever you do, do it as a service to society, to the man living next door, to your parents, your boss or whoever you might encounter and gives you the opportunity to serve them. And for that service expect nothing in return, instead be grateful for the opportunity to serve.
    We are not living in a society where there's a lack of competence or skills, but we use it in a wrong way. Re-installing altruism, morals and ethics and all that we do is first priority, by which means are not so important. Use whatever you have, whatever you can. If your a leader, then lead in this spirit, if your banker, then do your business in a ethical way, if your working in the local supermarket, see every customer as an opportunity to give.

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