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Patrick Davey

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.


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    Participation, Not Marginalization: Using People's Stories for Social Good via



    Patrick Daveyabout 1 year ago

    Here in Ireland we have had the Folk Law Commission which for 80 years collected stories and music which is now a fantastic archive for all.
    While setting up Mountains of the Moon University in Uganda I hoped to establish a School of African studies to Study African history and life from the INSIDE and also very importantly to collect stories, especially from the older generation. AIDS has devastated the country and many of the middle generation have gone, the population is much more mobile and liable to be living in a different language area making communication between generations much more difficult so there is a very real danger of history being lost because until very recently it was an oral culture. When a country, like a person, loses their history they lose their identity with all the problems of alienation and social disruption that result.
    The School is set up and is doing usefull work but it does not have the resources to do the extensive outreach needed for story collection.
    Any Ideas?

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  • Patrick Davey replied to a comment by kvass2

    Seattle's New Bullitt Center May Be the Greenest Office Building Ever via



    kvass2over 1 year ago

    Very impressive and to be congratulated on. However one question. How will you
    filter out the asian acid rain that is part of the Pacific Northwests rainfall? I suppose
    one solution would be to provide a separate clean water supply line for human consumption.

    Patrick Daveyover 1 year ago

    Not only Acid rain from Asia. Some 20 years ago I was at the Science and Engineering Fair in Orland and one of the projects was tracing the acid rain from LA coming ashore about 200 miles south, so it may be from Asia but may be not

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    SolarKiosk: Mobile Modular Power for Really Remote Areas via



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