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Iris Gray

I'm an autistic adult with juvenile diabetes. I work as a transcriber

I am good at giving a damn.

Victoria, British Columbia


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    Endangered Species: In Defense of Cursive Writing via

    Iris Grayover 1 year ago

    While I have nothing against cursive writing in and of itself, I think that teachers and school personnel (and also the person who wrote this article) should not penalize those of us who are unable to write legibly in cursive. Some people have motor skills impairments that make writing in cursive, or writing by hand at all, extremely difficult and even, for some people, painful. Disabilities like dyspraxia and dysgraphia make fine motor skill tasks like writing very difficult, and people who have those types of disabilities may be unable to produce legible handwriting. Before I learned to type, all of my teachers threw up their hands, shook their heads and said, "I hope you learn to type someday soon, because no one can read your handwriting." These days the most I ever write (or, actually, PRINT) by hand are phone messages; even my grocery shopping lists are typed on my cell phone or iPod.

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