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Randy Dutton

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.



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    Plant a Guerrilla Garden



    Randy Dutton11 months ago

    Time we eliminated nuisance lawsuits. That would allow landowners to allow people to plant gardens without fear of liability.

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    If America's Serious About Appreciating Teachers, Here's What it Takes via


    Randy Dutton12 months ago

    We should appreciate 'good' teachers by getting rid of the 'bad' teachers. Unfortunately, the worst enemy of good teachers are the teachers' unions, which protect the bad ones. In a case I documented at Grays Harbor College where tenured history professor lied (in writing) about history, and admittedly deleted many of the electronic records in the online class, so he could flunk a student, the college did nothing. Why? Probably because the professor is head of the Teachers Union. They wouldn't even address the obvious lies and admitted deletions (during the term).

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    How To: Start a Creative Reuse Revolution in Your Community in 5 Steps via


    Randy Dutton12 months ago

    Change the legal system to eliminate liability for restaurants so they can give leftover food away. Right now, a restaurant would be held liable if it knowingly threw food into a dumpster and that people were retrieving it and someone got sick. And ever hear of cross-contamination? How about vermin transmitted diseases? There may be a good reason it was thrown out. Are we now to label thrown out food? Leftover food used to be recycled with hogs and chickens. Good intentions forced the food into dumpsters.

    As an alternative, why not plant fruit trees in vacant lots?

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