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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.


  • ratfink replied to a comment by Wylie Overstreet

    A Liberal's Letter to Conservatives: Why Democrats Need You More Than Ever via


    Wylie Overstreetover 1 year ago

    Hahahaha! You're a riot. This is either the best piece of satire I've read in a loooong time or you're so far down the rabbit hole you've forgotten what reality tastes like. If the former, kudos. If the latter, I hear Glenn Beck is releasing his own line of tinfoil hats

    ratfinkover 1 year ago

    Really??? The stock market has fallen 3% since Tuesday. 1000s of people were laid off from their jobs in that time specifically citing impending tax hikes and health costs. Alinsky, Obama's mentor, is not a radical socialist? How many Blacks voted for Romney compared to how many Whites voted for Obama? I was employed in the energy sector for over 25 years. I assure you the energy 'dream' you think is there is only a ponzi scheme - most people (particularly idealists who have only served latte) have no clue the amount of energy it takes to produce something. Do you even realize how much energy it takes to create a sheet of solar glass? Powering an electric vehicle saves no energy, it only pushes it off to power plants that are already under producing. And Obama is shutting even more of them down. Are you going to let him build the nuclear plants we will need once the coal is obsolete and there is no more fracking because of it being outlawed? I think not… I live close to central frozen food distribution center that ships food out East. It is the size of 5 football fields. Do you even have a clue how much energy it takes to run that? What happens to you when they can't afford to run it anymore?

    The Greek word 'democracy' only means 'mob rule'. He with the biggest mob doesn't insure the most correct truth. Obama's win only means the mob is temporarily in control - ultimately it will not put food on your table. The fact is you need us more than we need you. I can fix your car, build your house, put food on your table. What have you got to offer me aside from superlatives?

    Look at your national voting by county - why do you thing the Liberal vote is centered on areas of high population and no production? Why do you think the Conservative vote is everywhere else - where there isn't high population density and production? You are surrounded by Idealism, it is all that you know. It is why reality sounds like a personal affront to you. Truth only sounds like 'tin foil hats' to you because you've never had to reason, you've never had to work, and you are preaching incontestably to your own choir. Obama is only selling what the mob wants to hear. Reality to you is just your own thoughts - true reality is a concrete world 'out there' that cares not how profound your thoughts sound to you.

    If your 'win' was so self-assuring, why do you libs still resort to name-calling? Where have I erred? We'll see who's laughing in a few years when the Brave New World really hits. Someday Atlas will shrug..

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  • ratfink commented on a link

    A Liberal's Letter to Conservatives: Why Democrats Need You More Than Ever via


    ratfinkover 1 year ago

    While you libs are acting all smug it should be noted that someday reality will set in. Your awakening will come when you realize that you did not have the last word by winning the election. The last word will come from the businesses (particularly small businesses) that cannot function and make a profit under the utopia you envision. The last word will come when the economy based on fuzzy feelings has no legs and collapses and you all loose your jobs. When people can't afford gas. When you figure out the electrical grid is no more efficient at running your electric cars than what we have now. When you realize solar power is a dream that can never recover the energy it takes to fire the glass to make the panels. When it hits you that you can never have enough windmills to power the manufacturing. You are the Don Quixote - your demise is staved, but it will come.

    Your utopia is not a democracy, it is based on fascist socialism - as your article argues, you expect everyone to think like you. You expect everyone to relinquish truth for your 'values'. You have boughten into the college lectures of Hume and Neitzche and you think you now know the 'secrets' the conservatives are too ignorant to figure out. Get a clue: your philosophies are sterile, you have forsaken reality for feelings. You criticize other people's beliefs as 'myths', yet you fail to see your own myths.

    The Republicans only lost the presidency. In states and in civic elections they had gains. There is a reason for this: Democrats can only win by appealing to socialists ideals - Black Racism (how many Blacks voted for Romney because he was white?), White Hedonism (how many college females voted only to get free contraception?).

    Democrats are morally bankrupt. They have no moral center except the old Silver Rule: I will allow you to get away with whatever you want as long as you allow me the same. The absence of a sound philosophy or morality is not a virtue, it is just buying an election through free social give-aways. A society that believes in everything ultimately believes in nothing.

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