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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

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  • rebecca.clarkson replied to a comment by Lans

    Explore and Protect the GOOD Outdoors




    Lans10 months ago

    Please take the time to read through this post!
    Wedge Island in Western Australia is a coastal cray fishing village that has been around for over 100 years. Our family (along with many others) have visited Wedge Island for over 60 years. We have had a shack there for over 40. Up until recently it was only accessible along an off-road track (50mins) that traveled through beautiful Australian coastal bush land, dune systems and mud tracks. Recently a sealed road was built that runs from Lancelin (closest town to the South) all the way to the tip on the outskirts of the village. Wedge is a community whose inhabitants live a lifestyle that very few people get to experience in today's world. There are about 200 tin shacks all unique in there own way and greatly loved by their owners. There are no sealed roads within or shops. There are a myriad of ingrain mud tracks that connect the areas of the village. You can drive uninterrupted along the beach from "South Rocks" to "North Rocks". There is a small island (Wedge Island)about 300m off shore from "the point" which is the reason for the villages name. Every 7 years or so due to a number of factors the island joins to the mainland. The sand at wedge is the whitest I have ever seen and the ocean is always a vivid and sparkling myriad of colours- blue, aqua, turquoise. There are multiple bright white dune systems where at times it is difficult to see where the land ends and the clouds begin. It is the most amazing and beautiful place I have ever been. People surf, sand board, 4WD, camp, swim, kite board, boat, fish, snorkel (shipwrecks & reef), explore the island (able to swim to it), visit Green Island- 40 minute boat ride, motorbike ride etc.The community is made up of one big family. There are five fishing boats that still seasonally cray fish, all of the cray fisherman are descendant from the original Wedge settlers.
    The government wants to destroy the shacks along the coast (as they have done for much of the rest of the WA coast). We want to stop this from ever happening! To preserve the shacks, the lifestyle and let it be enjoyed by all. This place should be experienced by anyone who wishes to escape the realms of modern society! it really is a place where your fears and worries drift away in the wind and the sun beams nothing but warmth and joy into your soul! NO EXAGGERATION! Please help us SAVE WEDGE ISLAND!

    rebecca.clarkson10 months ago

    Wedge Island is a beautiful place with a beautiful history. However, these shacks belong to another time and another place. The shacks and the individual family groups who are privlidged enough to use them do significant damage to the local ecosystem as the are built directly on to the dune system. Clearly Lans family was one of those groups. The WA State Government has researched this issue thoroughly and the reccomendations to remove the shacks is a good one. To leave things as they are will do greater damage to a delicate ecosystem and is unequitable to the rest of the population.

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