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Rick Brooks

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.


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    We Need Kids to Have a Love Affair With Reading Now More Than Ever via


    Rick Brooks5 months ago

    Thanks for promoting this. Some thoughts: 1. Yes, it probably is simpler to select one book for everybody. But the reality is that one truth, one perspective or one author is not likely to be the best, the most inspirational or even the most interesting or transformational for all kinds of readers. That's why libraries, big and small, are so important. To Kill a Mockingbird is a wonderful book for many, maybe even for most children, youth and adults, especially if it is enhanced by meaningful discussion. Many books can offer that kind of value depending on the age, reading ability and motivations of the reader. But Shakespeare, Dickens and Dave Eggers, Maya Angelou or Julia Alvarez all have something powerful to offer for different reasons. Boys don't always like books written by or for girls and vice versa. And if I can make a pitch for physical books, having the pages and paper in your hands can make a big difference. So thank you again for this effort. A Kindle can be a great thing...and there is a whole world out there full of fantastic literature where each book that we "should" read can inform, teach, entertain and inspire us in unique ways. The best choice is whatever attracts you and keeps you wanting to read more--to find out what's going to happen next or to remember the important stuff that has already happened. Discovering such literature is a gift we can all cherish. And the more often that discovery can occur, the better. The search is more than half the pleasure. --Rick Brooks, Little Free Library.

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    Find a Problem, Design a Solution

    Rick Brooks6 months ago

    Thousands of Little Free Libraries around the world are taking all kinds of form and styles. Creativity is highly valued. Design, carpentry and even engineering skills can make a big difference. Take a look at the links to Pinterest and Flickr on or check Little Free Library and the Neighborhood Library Builders Guild on Facebook. We could use some help with plans, drawings and instructions for building Little Libraries for interior and exterior use...and fun! Can you use Sketch Up or similar software? Got some breakthrough Little Free Library design ideas? Contact us.

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    Build a Little Free Library



    Julie Bayer8 months ago

    we put up one of these little libraries several months ago and it's such a wonderful community-building element in the neighborhood. it's always a sweet surprise to stumble upon one and see a gift waiting inside for you, and it feels equally good to give someone else a gift of a great book you want to pass along. i highly recommend putting one in front of your abode!

    Rick Brooks7 months ago

    Love hearing these kinds of things. You touched all the right bases...

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