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See Saw


I am good at spreading smiles and growing plants

Brooklyn, NY


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    What I Learned Sitting in Washington Square Park With a Sign That Says 'Free Advice' via


    See Sawabout 1 year ago

    Great way to encourage face-to-face interaction, especially in a world where our face tends to get hidden behind a screen...I sometimes sit in a public space with a sign that says 'Share Knowledge' which has fostered a myriad of conversations and beautiful interactions. Helped me to learn that everyone has a story to share, and we all have this essential dream of doing good/working hard to be happy and share the experience. The sign sitting days definitely shined light on the fact that everyone is the same, and physical appearance rarely accounts for any predictable characteristic of a person. For a brief period I walked around with a sign that said 'FREE' and to whoever would comment or question it, I would say, 'I am free,' and then I would ask if they wanted to be free also, hand them the sign and say, 'Look, now you are free, it is that easy!'...I think the goal of that experiment was to get people to think about their attitudes and the way they talk to themselves. In a conversation with a beautiful girl she said 'just think of how many things we think about during the day and never share with anybody else' and that really got me thinking (pun intended?) about my inner conversation and being more observant of its patterns with the intention of improving the energy I put forth into the world. It was Socrates who said 'the unexamined life is not worth living' and it was my homeboy Rumi who said, 'only the jeweled inner life matters' and I must say I agree wholeheartedly that change only begins when we look within. Keep at it you who are reading this, and put forth the right effort that is needed to share this experience of Life with all those you encounter.

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    What I Learned Sitting in Washington Square Park With a Sign That Says 'Free Advice' via


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