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“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
— Abraham Lincoln

I am good at giving a damn.


  • sfd5003 replied to a comment by Vast Shadow

    Intermission: An Open Letter to President Obama About Physics Education via



    Vast Shadowover 1 year ago

    I'm limiting a lot of output I do until post January as Government is being screwy. So I hope you can follow along with some very limited detail.

    Physics wouldn't change education or reform it.

    You got astrophysics confused with plausible physics law of motion.

    Albert Einstein wasn't very smart and he was a nuclear physicist. He has one correct idea and that was, "Everything was made out of Energy" . Einstien never elaborated any of his theories... Some think his theories may not been his own, but a Jew's. Einstien's theory of relativity is a lot more simplistic than people give it credit for... The plausibility or `essential point of relativity was just: Everything is related. How people still find that astonishing is FUNNY, but then back in the 1950s they made lead water pipes to help secure the future from nuclear war... LEaD PIPES PEOPLE DRINK FROM(also lead paint, asbestos, and many other dangerous things are in the environment from that idiotic era) E=mc2 is not a equation for energy. As energy never multiples it exhausts or divides -- E=m/c2: Mass divided by light, squared is how energy deduces. Many spoofs and false conceptions from Einstein -- I think he only came to BS the USA.
    I've said, this all somewhere before, probably on facebook and other places I lurk -- As why I elaborated and explained my thoughts, thoroughly.

    Math isn't a universal language, a equation only is a simplistic form of theory.

    Learning how to analyze is what kids need to learn in school. Kids only learn to read something and copy it down -- That is what every course in the public system is about. Its stupid and our schools should teach kids to analyze and research -- Learning physics would come more naturally if kids learned how to analyze things.

    sfd5003over 1 year ago

    Wow, you really have no knowledge of physics whatsoever. I don't think you said a single correct thing in your entire rant...

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